A Currently Inaccessible Part of Gardens under Petrov to Open to the Public this Spring

On October 1, 2018 the renovation works on gardens between the Petrov cathedral and Vaclav Havel Street were launched. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 18 (BD) – In 2017, Brno Diocese received a subsidy for renovation of the gardens adjacent to the iconic Brno cathedral of more than 11 million crowns from the IROP (Integrated Regional Operational Program) program. The renovation was launched last Autumn and is planned to be completed in May 2020. “The aim of the project is to restore the original character of the gardens that are part of the St. Peter and Paul,” writes Brno Diocese in the latest announcement.

“The repairs consist mainly of terrain adjustment and vegetation treatments, and the rehabilitation of historic walls,” they explain. A third entrance to the gardens will be reopened and will enable the public to enter the historic gardens. A spiral staircase will be added to the wall, a part of which comes from the 13th century. The two statues that are a part of the wall will undergo a renovation, too. A special ramp will be installed to enable the entrance also to the handicapped people.

There will also be a reconstruction of existing indoor premises adjacent to the wall and in the central part of the gardens, “new premises for exhibitions of the Diocesan Museum will be built as well as bathrooms and facilities for mothers with children,” Brno Diocese adds.

This year, the other part of Petrov park will open to Brno residents and tourists – a currently inaccessible part of the Capuchin Gardens in April, according to Brno Municipality. The works included a restoration of deformed masonry and building of a new perimeter structure. “Like the Tyrsuv Sad, the terraces will be locked for the night,” according to the Brno Municipality website.

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