Cabbie Cons Foreigner, Takes His Money and Drives Away

A foreigner’s money and possessions were stolen by a taxi driver, who drove away without notice. Photo: Casadei Graphics, for illustrative purposes.

Brno, Feb 13 (BD) – A foreigner approached a taxi in Brno’s city center, who needed to stop in three different places in the city.

The foreign passenger who is 68 years old, paid the taxi driver a deposit for his services. When the taxi driver reached the first address out of three – which was located at Gorkého street – the passenger exited the taxi. Disregarding that the passenger had left his belongings in the vehicle, the taxi driver drove away, the police reported this morning.

Bohumil Malášek, a spokesperson from the Police of the Czech Republic for South Moravia, said that the victim claimed that “the carpet and several articles of clothing which were in the taxi were worth at least 15 thousand crowns”. Furthermore, Malášek stated that the taxi driver “will only be able to resell the products for a minimum price, and that is without taking into consideration the criminal charge of theft.”

The police didn’t publish the name of the taxi company or if the driver worked indipendently.

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