Record Year for Brno-Tuřany in 2018, as Number of Passengers Exceeds Half a Million for the First Time in Six Years

225,000 passengers used Tuřany in July and August, a 40% increase from 2017. Greece was the most popular destination, with just over 107,000 people flying from the airport. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics. 

Brno, Feb 8 (BD) – “Apart from Greece, Bulgaria was also popular with holidaymakers, with more than 62,000 passengers, and over 51,000 travellers flew on routes to Egypt. This points to the fact that people return to previously visited destinations, such as Tunis, Turkey or in particular Egypt,” said Zdeněk Šoustal of the Brno Airport Board.

However, it is not only the seasonal traffic that makes Tuřany the second busiest airport in the country; regular routes are also growing in popularity. Aside from the established connection to London, which remains the airport’s busiest line, the route to Munich is gaining interest, and the recently added flight to Milan-Bergamo also got off to a successful start.

Commenting on the figures, Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade Group and chairman of the airport’s Board of Directors, said: “I am most excited about the increasing traffic on regular services, which are being used more and more for business trips, and we are doing very well here. At the same time, I expect the number of checked-in passengers will increase again this year, thanks to the new line to Berlin, which starts on April 1.”

The airport is owned by the South Moravian Region, and is of great importance to the region’s tourism industry. Bohumil Šimek, the governor of South Moravia, said: “I can see great added value in the fact that the inhabitants of our region can fly easily and quickly not just for holidays but also business or study trips. At the same time, however, we must not forget the opposite direction. Because of the airport our beautiful region is not only more accessible but also known around the world.”

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