CZK 66 Million from City Budget Allocated to Sports Clubs; A Quarter of the Total Will Go To Kometa

Brno City Council provides ongoing funding to several sports clubs in the city. On Wednesday, the council decided on the amounts to be allocated to different Brno sports clubs in 2019. Photo credit: Vít Novák.

Brno, Feb 1 (BD) – “As in previous years, this year the city will provide financial support for Brno sports clubs. Compared to last year, the amount allocated has increased from 62 to 66 million crowns. CZK 55.5 million has been allocated to team sports, and CZK 10.5 million has been allocated for individual sports,” said Jaroslav Suchý (KDU-ČSL), the council member responsible for Education and Sport.

For team sports clubs, the largest amounts will be given to Kometa Brno (CZK 16 million), FC Zbrojovka Brno (CZK 11.215 million), Volleyball Brno (CZK 3.796 million), SKKP Handball Brno (CZK 3.493 million) and Královo Pole Volleyball Club (CZK 3.398 million).

For individual sport clubs, the highest subsidies will go to the Kometa Brno Police Swimming Club (CZK 1.012 million), Kometa Brno Police Shooting Club (CZK 854,000), AK Olymp Brno (CZK 675,000) and the Brno University Sports Club (CZK 623,000).

Clubs can use the subsidies to contribute to the salaries of club staff, pay for massage, psychologist and physiotherapist services, rental of sports facilities, travel and healthcare costs, food and accommodation while on club travel, and sports equipment. The provision of subsidies from the city budget for the support of elite sport is part of the approved “Methodology for the Support of Elite Sport in the City of Brno”.

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