New Brno City Council Confirms Support for New Railway Station

At a meeting of the steering committee overseeing the Brno Railway Intersection (“Železniční uzel Brno”) on Tuesday, the new governing coalition of Brno agreed to support the scheme to relocate the train station, as agreed by the previous council. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Jan 23 (BD) – All stakeholders present at the meeting, including the Czech Ministry of Transport, the Railway Infrastructure Administration, the State Transport Infrastructure Fund, the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region, agreed to move forward with preparations for the project. Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková said: “I am very glad that the negotiations on the Brno Railway Intersection are developing. It is a major transport project for the further development of Brno and it is great that there is a clear consensus on its future location after years of speculation between those concerned.”

For more information on the background of this story, see our previous articles: “Ministry of Transport: Brno railway station to be moved to riverside” (June 2018) and “Brno Central Station: Final decision on new location taken by the government yesterday” (July 2018).

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