No Point In Denying Anything: Young Man “Caught Silver-Handed” Near Central Station

A 17-year-old foreign national was “caught silver-handed” by the Municipal Police at 3:30am on Saturday. Photo credit: MP Brno.

Brno, Jan 21 (BD) – Is graffiti art or crime? Brno Municipal Police answered this question in their own way in the early hours of last Saturday, when a young man was caught by one of the frequent police patrols at Brno Central Station spraying silver-black writing on a wall in Dornych.

“The officers quickly caught him, and the young man confessed almost immediately. The hand he was using to hold the spray can was dirty from the shiny black paint. He pulled another spray can from his backpack in front of the officers,” said Jakub Ghanem, Municipal Police spokesman. “As a suspect, he was therefore handed over to the state police,” explained Ghanem. The suspect’s nationality has not been disclosed.

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