Hundreds of New Apartments to Be Built in Černovice by 2028 at a Cost of Almost CZK 2.5 Billion

“Na Kaménkách” in Černovice will become the new home to thousands of people within ten years. Brno City Council approved the new housing construction plan which will see approximately 1,900 apartments built in this area. Map: MMB.

Brno, Jan 14 (BD) – “There is a need for new dwellings in Brno to increase the availability of housing, because the demand for apartments here is far greater than the supply. As almost half of the planned dwellings will remain the property of the city, housing will be assured for young families or seniors. The cost is estimated at CZK 2.4 billion and the construction itself is planned for between 2022 and 2028,” said Oliver Pospíšil (ČSSD), deputy mayor for housing and asset management .

A study is currently being carried out which will serve as the basis for changes to the territorial plan.

Around 800 apartments will remain the property of the City of Brno.

The decision was included in the City’s binding capital expenditure plan.

“Na Kaménkách” will be located on undeveloped land in the Brno-Černovice district. It was first listed as one of five priority development sites in Brno in 2002.

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