DUO SMILE Developments in Dentistry: Talented twin dentists serving Brno’s English speaking community

Quality dental care from professionals you can trust is now available to Brno’s English speaking community. 

DUO SMILE dental clinic has been operating in Brno for over a year now, and the reviews from satisfied clients on their Facebook page are staggering.

After both graduating with degrees in medicine and dentistry, the identical twin ‘double-doctors’ set out on a six-year journey abroad to further their training and solidify their work experience before finally setting up a dental practice in Brno in September of 2016.

Their time abroad included stops in Auckland, New Zealand and London, England, so you can be sure that they are able to communicate the options available to their patients in English, something that the women pride themselves on.

“We tell them what the process is, since people mostly get nervous when they don’t know what we are going to do to them,” said Dr Hana Luskačová of DUO SMILE in a recent interview with Foreigners.

They offer a wide array of basic and advanced services, including dental examination, teeth cleaning and whitening, implants and veneers, root canals, restorative and reconstructive treatments, emergency care and a variety of cosmetic treatments, but their primary focus is on preventative care.

“(W)e are trying to emphasise prevention. Only then can you have good results,” explained Dr Eva Luskačová, Hana’s identical twin sister, in the same interview with Foreigners “So you need to be shown how to do it properly. Come to our studio and we’ll show you!”

Their time abroad made a deep impression on them, and in addition to providing state-of-the-art dental care that is constantly updated by their rigorous continuing professional development, the twin dentists are devoted to keeping the international population of Brno informed on the most recent developments in dental care.

In the first instalment (below) of their new monthly series, DUO SMILE Developments in Dentistry, the good doctors introduce us to some healthier alternatives to standard amalgam fillings.

Amalgam? . . . NOT in DUO SMILE

Every day thousands of mercury (amalgam) fillings are removed from people’s teeth all over the world.

So why do people have mercury fillings removed?

  • Metal Toxicity – Mercury is toxic! Exposure to mercury can lead to problems in the brain, heart, kidneys and digestive tract. Some studies show that mercury exposure can lead to symptoms like fatigue, irritability, poor concentration and headaches.
  • Amalgam Fillings Crack Teeth – Show me a mercury filling, and I will show you one that expands and contracts just like mercury in an old-fashioned thermometer! Natural tooth structure is not built to withstand these stresses, so we often see cracks and fractures associated with mercury fillings.
  • Mercury Fillings are Ugly – The last time I checked, no one was asking me for grey teeth. Everyone today is looking for a naturally white smile. Grey is not the new white.
  • A Better Choice – Today we have an alternative to mercury fillings; composite fillings bond to teeth and can enhance a tooth that is compromised by cracks and fractures. Unlike mercury fillings that weaken teeth, composite can actually enhance the strength of a tooth.

Caution: Make sure your dentist is using a rubber dam when removing amalgam fillings so that you don’t swallow the mixture of metals coming out of your teeth.

At DUO SMILE, we remove mercury fillings every day. Ask us about our special protocol for mercury removal! We have your health in mind.

Both Hana and Eva Luskačová have been awarded degrees in medicine and dentistry.

We have adopted the Best Management Practices (BMPs) and have installed an amalgam separator. We are interested not only in the health of our guests but in keeping Brno’s water safe and uncontaminated by mercury!

DUO SMILE currently has a special offer– new patients can get 50% off teeth cleaning and an oral hygiene tutorial, as well as a free consultation regarding their future treatment plan.

Do you have any other questions about amalgam fillings? Did you find this information useful?

Bring your questions, requests and comments to the experts! Hana and Eva can be reached by email at info@duo-smile.cz, by phone on +420 720 020 232, through their website or Facebook page, or in person at their clinic at Pekařská 84, third floor, in Brno.

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